What is Dermalogica?

Dermalogica is a skin care line that takes a health approach rather than a beauty one. All Dermalogica products are free from irritants that can cause your skin to break out. The products are designed to improve the quality of your skin. Dermalogica doesn't believe that skin care should fall under the beauty and glamour category. This company believes that skin care is a health issue, not a cosmetic one.

About the Products

Dermalogica products do not contain any irritants that could harm the skin. Dermalogica does not use animal testing to test its products, it offers a complete skin care line to keep your skin healthy or to treat problem skin due to acne, aging or hyperpigmentation from sun damage or hormonal fluctuations; All Dermalogica products are made in southern California.


with Dermalogica products I am able to provide facials to purify your skin from unwanted dead skin cells, in order to really show your true healthy skin. Facials can be quite relaxing and peaceful, as the owner I try my very best to make you feel centered and relaxed. with the smallest detail like calm music to dimming the lights to keep you relaxed.

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